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#Muslim haCKer

here the Egyptian hacker !
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Everyday people Die under 100 person of children and women and elder and men The number of Martyrs increasing everyday Because the siege in many areas in Syria and yemen and iraq Did you ask yourself why people Die in those areas Specifically,Those People Die because they are Just musliems Yes Don't wonder This is the reason, So I hope of Goverments and Humanitarian organizations help them and keep them safe of Terrorism ( Russia- syrian gov -iran gov ) we are The Avengers We are legion For every one that falls Ten shall take his place We do not forgive We do not forget We are the face of chaos The harbingers of judgement We laugh in the face of tragedy We mock those in pain We ruin the lives of other people simply because we can We are the embodiment of humanity With no remorse No caring No love And no sense of morality We have only the desire for more We are everything We are nothing And now, quite simply, you have our attention Expect us

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